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Tay Bridgehead Foodbank

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“Food, like a loving touch or a glimpse of devine power, has the ability to comfort”

Norman Kolpas


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The Foodbank’s History :

The Foodbank was formed in February 2014, following a talk given by one of the local Health Visitors who had noticed, whilst working in many homes, that families were going short of food.

The managing and running of all of the Foodbank’s operations is carried out by volunteers from the communities it serves with the support of our local shops, schools, cafes, library and churches.

The Foodbank has grown in reputation for its care, concern and excellent support to needy folk the Tay Bridgehead and adjacent areas encompassing Balmerino, Balmullo, Drumoig, Gauldry, Leuchars, Newport-on-Tay, Tayport and Wormit amongst others.

Though it is an independent foodbank, it is recognised by Fife Community Councils and other food support networks in our area.  We are also a member of Fife Council’s Anti-Poverty Committee and work very closely with very many North East Fife Council employees.  We are also a member of IFAN (Independent Food Aid Network), who work very closely with many agencies in Scotland dealing with poverty and who collect all our statistics regularly and pass these on to the Scottish Government.

Please check back regularly for more information on what is happening here at the Foodbank or follow our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TFoodbank/

Current Resource Needs :

As we move to something more akin to what we used to be accustomed to, many of the additional helpers who assisted us when some of our core helpers stepped back to shield their own or others’ health during the past 18/24 months have now been able to return to their own previous main work patterns and times. 

This means that we have some gaps in our resourcing and so would like anyone, particularly in the Tayport area, who is willing and able to volunteer some of their time to help the Foodbank to please get in touch with us by calling on the following mobile ‘phone number 07840 957039 or email us through our Contact Us page on this website.