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Masks for Food – I
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Cafe Inc. Lunch Clubs :


Kirkton Barns Farm :

Another addition to the list of organisations that have been so helpful in assisting the Foodbank : –

Our thanks to Crawford Black at Kirkton Barns Farm which has been helping us with a supply of free carrots and parsnips so that we can augment the fresh food that we are able to provide in our deliveries.

2020 :

Overall, during the year of 2020, the foodbank made 597 deliveries to help adults and children in 54 households in Tayport, Newport-on-Tay and Wormit.

This means that overall the foodbank helped 790 adults and 526 children on accumulated occasions.

As can be seen from the chart below, though the requirements for each month fluctuated considerably between 2019 and 2020, there was a small increase overall in 2020 in relation to what was done during 2019.

Christmas / New Year – 2020/21 :

How Did This Turn Out?

The end of this year was significantly different to any previous time that we have ever experienced.

Nevertheless, the Foodbank pulled out all the stops that it could to ensure that all of our clients were as well looked after as we could possibly manage.

Last year we were able to give a little extra over and above what we normally provided by way of our normal support to every family.

This year, despite the need to comply with the restrictions of the guidelines to help combat the effects of the current pandemic, it was still possible for the Foodbank to again provide a little enhanced help and support beyond the normal scale with some extras including advent calendars, selection boxes and a small gift for every child as well as assistance for heating bills and vouchers for local butchers and supermarkets.

In all, we were able to provide between 200 and 250 bags of supplies together with some wee Christmas gifts.

This was all made possible by the almost overwhelming generosity of our community in making donations of both food and finance during the lead up to Christmas, especially the local Rotary and Kitschnbake in Newport-on-Tay,  together with the concerted effort of all our regular volunteers augmented by additional helpers.

Thank you all very much.


Masks for food – I :

A great big thanks to Iceskategifts for their wonderful donations to the Foodbank.  

Silke Morris has been turning her hand to making designer facemasks (non-surgical type) for children and adults to help folk during the Coronavirus pandemic.  All proceeds from which they are giving to the Foodbank.  

How amazing is that!

Noah was well pleased with his pirates mask – thanks Silke!

If you would like to have a look at what she does hop over to her Facebook page which can be found here and you can see more examples of her handiwork.

Masks for food – II :

The Foodbank has also received very generous donations from Jenny McLaren who, in conjunction with a team of sewing volunteers, has been producing and selling face masks from The Natural Energy Company on Cupar Road in Newport-on-Tay.

Another tremendous help!

Entertaining the Neighbours :

We would just like to say a big thanks to Dominick who raised £90 for the Foodbank during the first lockdown.  

Dominic, a local musician, put on a performance in his front garden to the delight of his neighbours who generously supported him and us in this way.  

What a great idea and an encouragement to us all.