What’s been happening recently with the foodbank and those that have been helping so much :-


Fife Civic Awards – 2021 :

At the beginning of 2022, the Foodbank received notification that it had been selected by Fife Voluntary Action, on behalf of Fife Partnership, for recognition of the work that it had done “… to support fellow Fifers during the pandemic lockdown and beyond.”.

This is the Certificate of recognition that was received to “… say thank you for all that you did.”.


End of 2021 Thank You :

As we near the end of another year we want to thank all the lovely people and organisations that have helped us with donations throughout this year.  These donations have come in a variety of ways and a wide spectrum of sources from generous individuals through to contributions from corporate organisations and the Fare Share network of charitable distributors.

In the lead-up to Christmas this year we were delighted to receive a donation of vouchers from the Scotmid coop organisation.  This wonderfully generous gift will enable us to give extra support to those that are in need of our help.

What the Foodbank is able to do is entirely dependent on the wonderful generosity that we see both in the donations that we receive and the time given by the relatively small band of people who make the Foodbank work.  The appreciation that we see from those that we are able to help is heart-warming in the extreme.

Ultimately we would like nothing better than the need for the Foodbank’s help to become unnecessary and obsolete.  Until that time comes around we say THANK YOU to all who have helped us get through this year and hope that the future will bring something significantly better for us all.


North Fife Rotary Club Awards :

The Rotary Club of North Fife presented their Citizen of the Year 2021 award to Muriel McNaughton, who has been a leading light with the Tay Bridgehead Foodbank since its inception in 2014.  The President of the Rotary said that Muriel was a great example of service above self, having supported, organised and helped manage the Foodbank which has helped so many families and individuals in our area. 


In her acceptance remarks Muriel said that she was very proud to receive her award though she was most insistent that the Foodbank could not have achieved what it has without the tremendous team’s help and support.


The Rotary also presented their Volunteer Group of the Year 2021 award to the Tay Bridgehead Foodbank which was accepted by Gina Angus on behalf of all of the current and past volunteers.

2021 :

As was thought might be the case, the increase in restrictions to help to combat the present rates of infection have resulted in further need for help from the Foodbank.

An updated list of the items that we are in most need of just now is set out on the Giving page of this website.

The Trussell Trust :

While the Tay Bridgehead Food Bank is an independent operation, the principal aim of which is to help by providing support by way of the provision of food, toiletries, etc. to those in need, there is a more comprehensive organisation of food banks operating under the banner of the Trussell Trust.  Local operations of this organisation are based in Cupar, Dundee and Glenrothes amongst many more.

In addition to the provision of food support, the Trussell Trust campaigns on issues related to poverty and hunger that result in the need for food banks.  The Trust has recently published a report that it produced titled ‘Lift the Burden’ which addresses “… the government debts facing people at food banks.”  To access a copy of this report – click here.

The following is also a link to access the Trussell Trust’s ‘PLATE POSTER’ for its campaign titled “Hunger Free Future” – click here – which you may like to support.

If you would like to know more about the Trussell Trust’s campaign for a “HUNGER FREE FUTURE” and to hear a poem titled ‘No Shame, No Stigma’ by a person with experience of living with poverty, read by volunteers and food bank staff, please click on the following link – .