Resources :

Currently our Management Team comprises :-

Gina Angus,  Lizzie Myles,  David Myles,  Anne Ross,  Joyce Taylor

In what used to be normal circumstances we operated with a core group of around 16 volunteers who dealt with the collection, sorting, packaging and distribution of the donations that we received along with the general organisation and management of the Foodbank’s affairs.

With the onset of the pandemic, which is still current, some of the core group had to withdraw completely and others were only able to operate in a limited capacity.

Fortunately, we were joined by a team of helpers on a temporary basis who helped to fill in as needs arose.  We have been very grateful for the time that they were able to offer. 

As we’ve said on the Welcome page, we are slowly moving back to something more akin to what we used to be accustomed to.  This has meant that many of the additional helpers who stepped up to help when some of our core helpers had to step back to shield their own or others’ health during the past 18/24 months have now been able to return to their own previous main work patterns and times. 

We therefore have some gaps in our resourcing and would like anyone, particularly in the Tayport area, who is willing and able to volunteer some of their time to help the Foodbank to please get in touch with us by calling on the following mobile ‘phone number 07840 957039 or email us through our Contact Us page on this website. 

Food Collection :

We are willing to collect donations at arranged times and places. 

For more information please call on the following mobile phone number 07840 957039 or email us through our Contact Us page on this website. 

Our main collection points are currently :-


Wormit Spar

Newport Scotmid Store

Tayport Co-op

Food Organisation :

All donations that are received are organised by our volunteers into various categories in readiness for incorporation into the packages that are made up each week for distribution.  This organisation entails ensuring that all donations are safely stored and used efficiently in line with their recommended ‘use-by’ dates and any other priorities.

Packages can then be prepared in line with the requirements of each of our clients’ needs in readiness for our deliveries

Distribution :

During the pandemic emergency we have been getting the parcels to our clients directly.  This has involved social distancing measures for both our volunteers and clients in order to keep everyone safe.

Though when it comes to the Foodbank’s milk deliveries some of our aspiring ‘helpers’ have more than two legs ………………….